We'll be back soon.

Hello maplers,

We are very pleased to announce that Maplestory Design will be tentatively relaunched in December 🎉🎉.

Prepare to enjoy all of the same features you know and love, in addition to a commitment of vastly improved stability, better sprite-sheet support, and much more.


Since late October, our team has been hard at work crafting a new API platform which will also be launched within the following weeks and provide support for the future of Maplestory Design and our other projects.

I greatly appreciate the continued patience and support from the worldwide Maplestory community during our downtime. Moving forward, you can experience nothing but better experiences. I'm personally excited for what is just over the horizon. Let's make 2020 spectacular.

Tyler Corsair (Corsair#1337 on Discord)

Hello maplers,

We're very sorry to announce that due to our previous data provider shutting off access to Maplestory: Design out of spite, the service will no longer function. We're very saddened and disheartened by this decision and its negative impacts on the worldwide Maplestory community.

However, we are not going anywhere! In early December, Design will be restored using our own data provider and functionality will be restored. Keep an eye out and join our Discord in the meanwhile.

If deemed nessesary, we will take legal action against this data provider later this year due to using stolen assets from our company without permission.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to request additional information, please feel free to reach out to us by email ([email protected]).

We appreciate every last Maplestory player from around the world who has enjoyed using our service. We hope to have some better news for you in the near future.